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Counter-Terrorism, Corporate Security & Risk Mitigation

Mar 7, 2016 - Mar 9, 2016

Creating an event management capability is not merely a matter of organising security teams and ensuring that they are managed effectively over the course of the event. It is also the ability of strategic planners to create a management framework that will allow all of these separate groups to deliver their own highly specialised organisational expertise in a smooth and effective manner.

This 3-day workshop provides attendees with a detailed analysis of how such event management frameworks are created, and will give participants the skills and insights that will allow them to create similar management frameworks within their own organisations, whether they are government, corporate or NGO’s. 

Key Learning Objectives and Benefits of Attending This Workshop:

  • Understand the planning cycle of complex events
  • Identify stakeholders from across the range of associated sectors
  • Create an integrated security management framework
  • Create a road map for development
  • Create a training development programme, including major multi-agency exercises
  • Take leadership for the development of an effective planning and management programme for major events

Strategic Planner & Managers

State Security Agencies

Government Ministries

Corporate Security Managers

Strategic Risk Managers

Security Consultants

Crisis Response Managers

Business Continuity Managers

From the following sectors:

Government Agencies

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality


Retail Complexes

Event Organisers


David Rubens

Managing Director/ CEO of Deltar Training Solutions Ltd, Main Board Director, Security Institute (UK), Fellow of the Security Institute (UK), Chartered Security Professional, Associate Lecturer, University of Portsmouth

David Rubens, Managing Director/ CEO of Deltar Training Solutions Ltd, holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University, where he was a Visiting Lecturer and Dissertation Supervisor on their Security, Terrorism and Policing programme (2006-‘12). He was a Visiting Lecturer (2009-‘10), on the Strategic Leadership Programme at the Security and Resilience Department, Cranfield University, UK Defence Academy, focusing on terrorism and public policy, and the management of large-scale, complex multi-agency programmes.

He is currently on the Professional Doctorate programme at Portsmouth University Department of Criminology & Justice, where his Doctorate research involves developing models of strategic management at the extremes of organisational complexity, looking at issues of capability development, decision-making and multi-agency interoperability in highly-unstable situations such as natural disasters, corporate failures and government-level crisis management scenarios.

David’s extensive background in operational management, global corporate consultancy and high-level academic research allows him to bring a holistic understanding of the issues facing Risk and Security Managers in the 21st century, as well as the ability to put that information across in an immediately accessible manner.

He has written research papers and reports on all aspects of security management, from national-level Security Sector Restructuring through to post-disaster analysis for government agencies in Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Nigeria, Liberia and the UK. He is in high demand at international security events, where he is well known for the energy he brings to his presentations. He has given presentations to major conferences in London, New York, Tokyo and Moscow.

Key Mega Events that have benefitted from David’s expertise:

  • London 2012 Olympics (Consultant)
  • Sochi Winter Olympics (UKTI Trade Mission Specialist)
  • Kazan Student Olympics (UKTI Trade Mission Specialist)
  • European Championships (Ukraine) (UKTI Trade Mission Specialist)
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Consultant)

List of David’s publications/ articles:

  • 2012 London Olympics Security Management Programme- A Brief Risk Management Analysis (June 2012)
  • LOCOG-G4T – The Need for an Independent Enquiry (July 2012)
  • Management of Chaos: What Megacity Managers Can Learn from Crisis Management (Project for the Study of the 21st Century, July 2014)
  • From 'Instruction' to 'Innovation': Incident Command Systems and 21st Century Challenges (September, 2013)
  • Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, March 11th 2011 A Preliminary Report on the Japanese Government's Disaster Response Management (May 2011)
  • A City Prepared: An Overview of London’s Biological / Radiological Counter- Terrorism Preparedness (January 2009)

EXCLUSIVE Case studies:

  • 2012 London Olympics
  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • Disneyland security management
  • ElAl Israeli national airline security management systems
  • 'Charlie Hebdo' Paris attack, 2015
  • Boston Marathon bombing 2014
  • Munich 972 Olympics Terrorist attack
  • Mumbai multiple shooter terror attack 2008
  • Hurricane Katrina 2005
  • 9/11 attack, 2001


  • Planning & Briefing
  • VIP Protection
  • Major event 3-year development plan
  • Table-top crisis management exercise

Supporting Online Media:  

Counter Terrorism Open Forum Enterprise





ASIAN MILITARY REVIEW is ABC audited and largest circulated defence magazine in Asia-Pacific. Published since 1993 its read by key decision makers in militaries with information, opinion & facts for tracking & understanding defence developments worldwide for equipment, training, organisation & doctrine issues critical to creation & sustainment of military forces.

Event Knowledge Partner: 

CIISCM Counter Terrorism





CiiSCM membership provides industry-recognised certification for an individual’s cumulative industry experience and academic qualifications, giving prospective employers the assurance of the competency and skills of their security and crisis management experts. As an independent organization, the Institute provides unbiased accreditation for training courses around the region, ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality of education and training. Members gain access to a large network of skilled practitioners, and education and professional development opportunities, which are designed to help cultivate leadership qualities and advance security and crisis knowledge. CiiSCM is structured to meet the needs of the unique and diverse cultures of the Asia-Pacific region. Members of the Institute’s Board of Advisors are experienced security and crisis professionals from around the world, ensuring global views and practices are equally represented.

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David's view on Paris Terror Attacks:

“The attacks on Paris were the realisation of the nightmare scenario of every western security agency: a well planned and coordinated multi-team attack against high-profile, high casualty targets, all carried out in the full glare of global news coverage. For those responsible for maintaining public safety in the face of unprecedented attacks, two lessons seem to emerge from the information we have so far. The first is that counter-terror doctrine teaches that an attack of this sophistication and complexity will have created a level of ‘chatter’ that should have allowed the intelligence agencies to identify that something was happening, and to take the necessary counter measures as a preventative rather than a reactive response. It is almost certain that organisational and operational failings that led to the successful delivery of the attacks will emerge. The second is that standard security protocols outside the Stade de France, where the France-Germany football game was taking place, were enough to deflect the attack, and prevent an even greater massacre. In the long run, it is the balance of effective intelligence and ongoing ‘enhanced normalcy’ at the local level that will be the most effective defence against future similar attacks.”

Some Thoughts on the ISIS-Boko Haram ‘Alliance’ – written by David Rubens

Some thoughts on the implications of the announcement of an 'Alliance' between ISIS and Boko Haram. There may be some significance for all security managers, wherever they are operating....

The recent announcement by Boko Haram that it was pledging …

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Mar 7, 2016
Mar 9, 2016


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